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Filed Small Claims Suit!

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Well folks, here is the update.

Calvary Investments pulled my credit in July of 01 to try and collect on an account for the Hubby that I WAS NOT on. I didnt sign anything, it wasnt my account.

Sent them a letter in Sept asking for deletions of Inquiries.. they refused.

Sent them a letter asking for $2500 and a removal of all inquiries in December, telling them they had until December 25 to fork over some dough or call me.

They called me.. told me they made a mistake but it wasnt "hurting" my credit so they were not going to do anything about it and they were not going to pay money.

Decided to leave the husband(long story.. good decision) and FINALLY filed the small claims suit on Feb 28.

The Pre-Trial hearing is set for March 28, 2003. If they don't show its automatic default judgement.

So I am sitting here waiting for them to cough up some cash or get ready for a battle.

I have close to 25 pages of documentation against them..

We will see... wish me luck guys.. I could use the 3 grand!!

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SAKIA...........................where the h** have you been girl?!! :)

Glad to see you back, congrats to the suit and the departure of the husband (since you said it's good). ;)

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I am living happily in my own apartment (That I share with a friend and my brother)

I just got a great new job with a MAJOR Beer company in the marketing and graphic arts department and my life is really taking off.

Can't wait to see if these jerks settle or actually pay someone to come to court. Talk to you guys when I know more.


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Hi Sakia,

I am so GREEN yet amazed at the stories I read.

What an incredible story Sakia!! Why couldn't I be so lucky! Congratulations and Good Luck. I certainly look forward to hearing more on the outcome. Please keep us posted.

<i>Shaking head</i> I can not believe these creditors!!


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