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Well the pre-trial is set for this Friday. I have decided that if they do not show.. or they try to get out of paying I am going to sue them in civil court for violation of section 604 and 623 of the FCRA and for 805(I think) of FDCPA regarding contact to Third Parties.

I spoke with a lawyer today who is willing to do it for a small fee. He said he was very impressed with the amount of information and proof that I had and how well versed I was on both matters.

He told me he will write the complaint and let me argue the case in court LOL. He said he will be my backup. We are going to sue for around 8000 plus court costs and lawyers fees <hee hee>

I meet with him in person Tues if they dont settle on Friday.

I will let you guys know what happens!!

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