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Results on Small Claims

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Well Cavalary never showed in court for the case so I could have taken a default judgement.

Instead,i continued the case for 30 days. Then I called their offices and told them I needed an address where I could sue them LOL. Well funny how quickly they started transferring me around and couldn't find the right person. I finally talked to someone and I had to fax a bunch of stuff to them.

I am going to see the lawyer on Tues about moving it up to District Court and suing them on multiple violations.

The guy I talked to kept telling me he could have then inquiries removed within 24 hours if that was all I wanted. I told him it should have been done months ago and someone is going to have to pay up for their megligence.

I will keep you posted as new developments come to light. :D

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I'm thinking if I get a phone call and they offer me the 3 thousand I will take it and call it a day. If they stall around and dont do diddly then I am going ahead with the District court case. I'm kinda in need of getting a little cash since i got laid off and cant apply for unemployment until 4-15, which is why I gave them one last chance.

Oh yeah.. and I registered for college this week.. Going to be a paralegal.. going to a 4 yr and then I am seriously debating lawschool.

Maybe doing credit law.. Help all the little folks like us fight the big uglies like them.

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