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medical billing judgment

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Hi Guys,

I am living in connecticut; Recently XYZ bank seved with Bank Execution naming me a judgment debtor for around $2,000. (Bank charged me for not paying my medical bills. Some time in January 1999 i went to the hospital in emergency situation

but I never recived any bill or notice from hosptial / CA or court since their record miss spelled my name but right SS# .

Now Big questions ????

My credit report going to show this judgment or not???

IS this goning to effect my credit history for long time???

(I talked with the CT court information center and

Credit Agent, both told me that they are not going to report Credit reporting agency.)

but in case if I see some thing like that in in my CR where should i go ????

Is there any way to improve credit rating after juedgment?

What is the Statute of limitation in CT for medical billing and stuff?

Please help


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SOL for medical in CT is 6 years; if they accomplished getting a judgment filed then this has been extended to 20 years from file date. Add on allowable interest at 10%.


Once judgment is filed; source for the CRAs will go in and collect this data to add to the credit report. There might be a chance that the judgment did not get added to the credit report. But you would want to go to the court house to aquire copy of the file to know for yourself what information they had on you.

The only thing the creditor can control is the actual collection / charge off tradeline - not the judgment.

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