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Need help with this OC.......

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I wrote a letter to a past creditor (for my wife) whom we did have a loan with. The loan started as a signature loan, then I put the car up as collateral to add to the loan. So in a sense, it was a car loan.

I made some really stupid mistakes 5 years ago, but when the car needed repair & I couldn't afford it or the payment anymore, I dropped it off to the creditor at night.

Anyway, they are reporting an incorrect amount they say we owe. So I wrote them a letter:

"You could be in violation of FCRA 1681s-2....." this is the duty of persons to report accurate info. And then I had the validation declaration on the back.

We had our last name changed to my birth name when we met my biological father in 1/97, and they said "it is our suspicion that you are also known as Jaquelin Kennedy (as well as Jaquelin O'nasis);however, until positive identification, we will not provide you with details of the referenced account. We have forwarded your letter to the Credit Reporting Agencies that you listed. It is our understanding that they too have no obligation to respond until positive ID is determined. Please contact the listed agencies for further guidance."

It was only reported to EQ and EX, and I put TU on the letter (dummy, dummy dummy). Well, I think TU will just get the letter I wrote the OC and think "Hmm, what account?" Unless they contact this creditor and ask them what acct they are refering to? Do you think they will?

What would you do next?

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