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Ford Motor Credit

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O.K., here we go: Ford Motor Credit, especilly their office in Tampa, FL; anyone have incidents with them? Any input?

Reason: The state agencies know what they do, but won't do anything;

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) also knows, but no actions yet;

Local government, 'dito'.

My research lists many, many situations with this Co.

Any stories and/or input you wish to give, please let me know.

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I turned in a lease in 2-97 after it was over from 2-95. They turned it in as a voluntary repo b/c they asked me if I want to re-up my loan to finish paying it off. When I got the paperwork, it was for another 60 months on top of the 24 months I had already paid (NOT a good business decision). So I turned the car in, they reported as avoluntery repo.

BUT, there are 4 different amounts that they say I owe on our various CR's. I sent a dispute letter to them (similar to a CA validation letter), nothing has happened, they continue to report. I'm not sure of what my next step should be, and I can't get anyone else to advise me either....?????

What do you think?

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