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Collecting a debt from a CA

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Our transportation company contracted a CA in Florida to collect a debt from one of our customers who is refusing to pay. The CA finally issued our company a letter stating that they have "expended all reasonable efforts to collect" and "recommend that you (our company) proceed with legal action to enforce collection."

Therefore, they suggest we pay them a fee of $3200 now, so that they can begin legal proceedings against our said customer.

Our company complies and issues a check to the CA. The CA cashes the check once it arrives in their office.

Our company is told that a lawyer has been retained and filing of our case will proceed on such a date. Well, that date finally comes, our owner flys out to see our assigned lawyer before any paper work is file. Our owner finds out that this guy has not received any information from the CA, has no clue about the case, and with the very limited information he has, is not planning on filing anything on the behalf or our company.

Our company immediately contacts the CA and terminates service and requests for a full refund of $3200. The CA says there is no problem and we will receive a check shortly.

It has been 3 months, many phones calls, and a CA who now refuses to issue a refund for services not rendered.

Any suggestions?


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