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Time to Sue?

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In the last three months, I have been actively reading and learning from this awesome discussion board. I have had a great deal of success with disputing inaccurate info on my report and also eliminated some listings with the validation process. I have one account that is still causing me a pain in the side. It is Midland Credit in San Diego. They have a credit card debt that is 2 years old. I have sent them validation requests twice with no response from either letter. Both were always mailed certified and I just sent the documentation to the Credit bureau. Today, I received a letter from a lawyer representing them in my state. Since they have never validated, continue to report negative marks and now sent a demand for payment letter, should I sue and for how much? I have purchased the "poor man's" and will be mailing the sample letter. Should I mail to lawyer, Midland credit, both?

Any Advice would be helpful!! :)

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I think jeajack and cwbw are having issues with Midland as well- you might wanna check with them.

What did the letter from the attorney say? Collection attorneys fall under the FDCPA so you probably want to get more familiar on that. You need to send a validation request to the lawyer as well to prevent him from proceeding with legal actions

Check out these links

Heintz v. Jenkins

FTC Letter

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