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need help understanding

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I just went to a small claims court against an OC. They did'nt show up so I won $1200. My questions are

1. I thought you could not sue an OC, but I tried it and won now judge says that I now have to wait 10 days for them to appeal. If they dont then I can collect.

2. Ya'll say $1000 per violation but I can't find where it says that, all I find is where it say's $1000, but nothing stating PER VIOLATION, the judge wanted to know how I came to that amount. I had to prove actual damages like court cost,lost wages and stuff like that. I guess I was thinking that I would just get the $1000 per violation by just proving they violated them.

3. When going to small claims court I was thinking that the judge had to know this stuff and not that I would have to go home on a continuation and get proof of where it stated how much I could sue for. Yes I actually had to go home and print the sections of the FCRA where it stated this.

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A credit card company charged off one dollar and was reporting this to the CRA's. I call to disputed it, they said go through the CRA to dispute it, because I didn't owe them anything. I disputed it twice through the CRA and both times it came back verified. So I called the credit card company and told them this, they said they would send me letters on both accounts to help correct this. One letter for the good listing and one for the bad listing. Received one letter on the good account. Called them to ask for the letter on the bad listing since that was what I wanted to begin with. The lady checked her computer and stated that they had sent both letters out, but that they would send them out again. Again I only received one letter on the good listing. I called and asked to speak with a supervisor. Explained everything that had been going on since 6-15-02 she tells me that they will have to conduct an investigation on this account and that it would take 60 to 90 days. I tell her that is what they should have done when I called them the first time. I tell her that I wanted a letter to remove this from my credit report with-in the week or that I was going to exercise my rights through the FCRA. She tells me to go ahead and do what I have to. So I take them to small claims court.[TAB]Note: When I say I called, I followed up with letters sent CMRR

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