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Found a Lawyer for Class Action and Civil Cases

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Ok check this out. A friend of a friend....recommended this law firm out of Ill. They work on contingency against CRA's, CA's, etc. This is what they specialize in. I contacted them and asked them to look at my stuff. They agreed and would do so free of charge. They asked that I send them "copies" not originals and they would get back with me to let me know what kind of chance I had to get Asset Acceptance. If you go to their site, you will note that Asset is one of the "bad debt buyers" they are interested in, along with alot others. So if you are interested go to www.edcombs.com. Check out their site, especially the "special" section which lists the CA's they are interested in.

This site also gives "opinions" and "notices" of cases which may concern alot of us. Let me know what you think, and I hope it helps.

For us here in Florida, being that we live in a "non-consumer" friendly state, this just may be our ticket. :)

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