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I'm fixing to stick it to 'em

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I'm preparting a suit against a collection agency who has at least 8 violations under their belt regarding a lawsuit against a friend of mine after the scumbbag attorney who represented her in a no-fault divorce ran his tab up to nearly $17,000. After he refused to correct this outrageous invoice, he turned it over to a local collection agency.

Question: Should this suit be directed to the credit colletion agency or to the attorney who is the "hired-gun" for the collection agency attempting to collect this account? It would be less expensive to cross-file a counterclaim, directing the answer and the cross complaint to the attorney as opposed to providing an answer to the attorney's complaint in one cause and establishing another lawsuit directly to the Collection agency.

Secondly, can the attorney representing the collection agency be a named party in this lawsuit since all the correspondence my friend has received from the collection agency has contained his name??

For those wondering, the a**h*** attorney will get his just due too! He's being reported to the bar for Disciplinary Action and then will later be hit w/a lawsuit as well...first things first though!

Again, thanks for your advice!

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