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NCO lawsuit?

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I had 2 collection accounts on my credit reports with North American Capital Account that I had successfully removed through the debt validation process. (Thanks to this site!) Now it appears that NCO has purchased this collection agency and is now attempting to collect the debt. Just to clarify they are not saying they purchased the debt itself, they purchased the actual agency.

1) It is my understanding that if they failed to validate the debt that they cannot continue to collect. Even though this company purchased the old one I think this should still apply. Would this be an easy lawsuit? As far as I know this has not been reinserted in my credit however I am sure it soon will be under the new name.

2) In the 2 settlement letters I received they both use the wording that their "client has authorized them to accept $XXXX for the debt." If the accounts were sold to them exactly which client are they referring to? As the supposed owners of the debts they can accept whatever they want. I think this statement is very deceptive.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Technically it is not a new CA that is taking over. It was not sold to another CA it is the same company. They were just bought by someone else. I've already been through the debt validation process once and they should not be able to start contacting me again simply because the company changed hands. They should already have record of my prior disputes and in my opinion should not be contacting me at all. As far as the SOL, since I am of the opinion that the debt is "not mine" and have received no validation that it is that does not apply.

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