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1st step to filing small claims?

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OK, they've had my intent to sue for a few days. I think I'm gonna have to go there.

So what's the first step?

(ya take that fiiiirst step.....ask her out, take her out, the laaady....seeeecond step....tell her she's the one you're dreamin' of....)

Remember that song?

Seriously though, what's the first step? I have 22 accounts w/ this one CA. I could go civil instead of small claims. C'mon all of you sueing gu-rus, help me out here.......!!!!!

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Wel first of all you need to see how much you can sue for in Small Claims in your state. some states like mine are 3000..some go as high as 5000. Im assuming you could file a separate suit on each one but OOOO that would rack up the court costs.

Call around and see if you cant find a consumer debt lawyer in your area.

Thats my advice

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No, I haven't even been able to get a live voice at the courthouse yet to find out how much it costs, what methods of payment they accept, and so forth. I need to know before I go down there (since I'll have to take off work). I'm still trying. Eventually I guess I'll just have to take a chance and go down there anyway.

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First off, what is the intention of your suit??

Is it a few bucks and deletions??

Or is it several thousand dollars??

Before any suit can be filed you had better have a good file or violations and competent proof against these guys or you won't get a thing.

Smaller suits for say $1000 and deletion have always worked for me, but...if you are out to really nail these bastards and get big money, unless you really know your stuff this should be referred to a very good attorney.

You can usually settle out of court like I stated earlier for about a grand or two and the deletions if you got your facts straight.

I wish you good luck!


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