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sue NCO or Medclr?


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I intend to sue NCO-Medclr on a number of FDCPA violations. Medclr is the name that apppears on my credit report.However, all my correspondence from them has come from NCO. When I asked about this they say that NCO is parent company and handles all correspondence. Who should i file suit against- NCO or Medclr? I have sent all validation letters to the one whose address I was given when I first contacted them about the info on my credit file. This address was for NCO.

I'm in Florida and though both NCO and Medclr are liscened in my state all correspondece goes though NCO.

Which should I sue?

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I've got the same problem w/ the same people. I sent an intent to Ms. Tracy Wild for NCO. She is the exec. VP. I have had no response from her. I have not even received my green card back yet. I think that's because she knows what it is.

But I am fixin to fax Mr. John Emmons (Compliance Manager for NCO), to tell him what I have done, and what's about to happen. Then I'm gonna go to the state of Florida (where I think MEDCLR's main office is) and fax MEDCLR. In the fax I'm gonna give them 5 days to delete all of this and pay me $1000 for my time(since all they can provide is printouts from their computers), or face another lawsuit.

PLEASE let me know if you find out anything on MEDCLR. I don't have the time to go diggin, but I will if I have to.

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both NCO and Medclr had offices in Florida, where I am. But lo and behold they have moved! When I contacted NCO (who send me the computer printouts)about contacting Medclr, I was given the instruction that Medclr correspondence is handled thru NCO whose offices are in Pennsylvania. I went to the Florida Sunbiz website and found that NCO has a registered agent in Florida at:




and Medclr, Inc has a registered agent at:




I am however a bit confused as I am unsure which of them to file suit against. I don't have enough money to file against both NCO and Medclr

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After NCO failed to respond to my 2 DV letters, (they were rerouted from NY to PA), I called and spoke with a compliance officer to verify NCO's proper mailing address. Two days later I got a letter from John M. Emmons that they would deleted my accounts. I checked up on them and both accounts were deleted.

the address they said was corporate HQ:

150 Crosspoint Parkway

Crosspoint Business Park

Getzville, NY 14068

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