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First let me say that it is truly a blessing that a site of this nature exists. I have perused almost all of the posts but do not see my questions addressed. They are:

1. A collector (collect tech)has called me repeatedly (several times a day, sometimes back to back) and was abusive most of the time. They also had a repetive dialer call me and hang up at least 50-70 times over the course of 3 weeks. I know that harrassment is illegal and that calling a person repeatedly with the intent to annoy is as well but my question is would each call consitute a violation? Also I was not able to get anyones name and had to literally beg to get the name of whom they were respresnting and right before I got it the collector said that by giving out that info (their name) they would be sued. Is this a violation as well? How do I go about collecting the damages?

2.) MCI called me yesterday at 7am and at 9:45 pm. I have a current account with them that I recently paid $150 on leaving a balance of only $25 dollars or so. When I made this payment the rep handling it specifically stated that the low balance was not going to put me at risk of service interruptions. The least payment was made only a week or two ago yet when the operator called and I noted it being too late and that I would handle the matter online, she threatened to restrict my service.

I was told this is a violation by a friend in collections and we spoke with the supervisor who instructed us that indeed a violation of MCI policy had occurred. What do I do now. I intend on sending MCI a letter and filing a complaint with the AG, but how would I recoup the damages? Also does each call and instance consititue a seperate violation?

3.) I have roomates who have been repeatedly harassed by my creditors (they have also been told private details of my debt). I have been asked to move as a result of this. Can I sue on because of this?

4.) How long does it normally take to recieve payment for violations?

5.)Can anyone reccommend a good lawsuit settlement letter for seeking monetary damages when you have been violated and you wish to quickly resolve the matter with the OC versus going to court? (re; questions #1 & 2)

6.) If you have been violated and believe that widespread violations have occured can you threathen to initiate a class action suit unless the OC agrees to settle with you?

7. How may people constitute a "class action" suit, 2, 20, ???

8.) How successful are individuals in sueing for inquiries on your report? sueing for companies calling after you have opted out?

I would greatly appreciate any and all info you can provide me with.

THanks so much


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I hate to rain on your parade but...Even with the threat of suit most companies will NOT pay you a dime.

This means for you that you will have to file the suit and have your case well prepared.

I sued collectech later this year and tried the settlement before court type deal, I was told by a general manager to pretty much pound sand and I do remember him laughing very hard!

Well I got the last laugh because I filed my suit and got a default judgement against them.

They were contacted and pretty much no choice but to pay me, which they did.

I then Faxed a copy of the check and a thank you letter to the manager who laughed at me a month earlier.

You definelty have alot of violations and a damn good suit I would LOVE to have if you can prove it.

If you sue they will settle!

As far as class action goes it requires a very large amount of people I'm sure and a very competent attorney to go after the money, because when you are involving this many people it usually means Federal court, Big money and a jury trial. Much to much work for the average credit suing guru or weekend warrior to handle or accomplish without being laughed right out of court.

Her is what I suggest.....Get your facts together and file you suit ASAP!!

Then get your money, I promise you that once you file you won't be hearing from them unless it is to ask you how much they can pay you!!


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A class action suit does not require as many similarly situated people as you might think. But if there were only a few people affected by a certain practice, the damages would have to be high enough to make it worthwhile to file a class action. Seems to me that a threat from a consumer to bring a class action would not be viewed as credible by a potential defendant. It would probably take a letter from a well-known class action firm to get some attention.

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