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Samll claims court

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Ok I finally decdied to take T.u to small claims court. Istopped in the local small claims court office and i was todl that i could not file in small claims that i need to go to common please cout and have a lawyer.

I showed the clerk all th einfo that i had and she said so what you cannot file in this type off office...So now what ?????

Also what type of lawyer do i need to go to

I would liek to go to one that specializaties

in this type of thing,,And referreals i'm in Pa...

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What they are saying is not true. However if you are suing the credit bureaus, and mentioned an out-of-state office as the address of the person you are suing, that might been enough. Believe me, you can take these guys to small claims.

Also, I am not sure what you meant about the other type of court. Maybe you can get them to write it down?

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