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OK folks, small claims or civil?

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Time to file my first suit, they're not bending and the 10 days is up!

22 accts; 16 partially validated, and 22 verified w/ TU and EX; 9 violations w/ a $3000 price tag (I think).

Anyway, my concern is this: I go to small claims and get Bozo the clown (who knows nothing about FDCPA/FCRA laws) as the presiding judge. Should I just skip that possibility (since my case is a rather large one) and go straight for civil court instead? Or just go small claims first.....?????


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Judges will only know about FDCPA/FCRA if they have had previous cases on those issues. This is true for small claims, civil, and even appellate judges. It is your job to teach the judge about the law. Bring in a copy of the statute. Highlight the relevant sections. Bring in copies of any cases you think are important. Have an extra copy available for the defendant. This is your opportunity to tell the judge what YOU think the law is.

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