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Need to sue a podunk collection agency...


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We have been squabbling with a collection agency over several debts for the past few months and getting nowhere. We disputed on September 6th CRRR. Received a BS validation package(mid-October) with no signed contracts and incomplete info. One account was admittedly not included because it was not in hubby's name. We sent follow-up to the first letter November 13th CRRR with fraud affidavit, FTC complaint reference number--for a electric company account that was opened fraudulantly. We also included the Wollman opinion letter and stated that we continued to dispute the medical accounts that were being alleged as there was no contract that hubby had authorized service or agreed to be the responsible party for any such account.

Fast forward a bit...we had also sent the fraud affidavit to the CRAs and disputed a couple of accounts that way as well. Experian sent back a package basically telling us to start over with disputes and a copy of the credit report. Well, on there, the CA has not marked ANY of the accounts in question as disputed. In fact, they have reported them all as of 11/2002. We know that this CA reports to all 3 of the CRA so in terms of violations, is each account a single violation on each credit report?

ex. medical account reported 11/2002 no indication of dipute...

so therefore, equifax it would be a violation for being reported though not validated and another violation for not marked disputed. and so on for each CRA.

And ditto for each account being reported.

Sorry hope that makes sense. Just trying to figure out exactly how many violations the same collection agency is racking up for themselves. :eek:

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