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questionable collection letter

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I received a questionable letter in the mail not too long ago. It stated:

"This is a formal notice to you that the above-named video store has referred this claim to our office for immediate collection. The claim will be brought to final disposition within the next five (5) days and any counterclaims or disputes must be filed during this period. We will use all legal means necessary to recover the late charge money owed our client." blah blah blah and so on

This letter did NOT do the following:

1. Indicate it was from a collections agency and give the usual "this is an attempt to collect a debt" disclaimer thingy

2. Give me 30 days to dispute or request verification

And additionally, I don't even owe the money they say I did, which happened to be $8.00 .. but anyway. Is this one of those slam-dunk $1,000 lawsuits I have here?? Dont they have to say they are a collections agency, and can they really just say we want the money in FIVE days?

I'm a poor college student so I could use a free grand, though this letter is dated 11/14/02 (I had to wait until after Final Exams to have time to get to this). I didnt think it mattered though because I didnt think they could just arbitrarily demand final resolution in 5 days.


C Thomas

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Well, they are incorporated. Is that what you mean or is there another form of licensure I should be looking for? The name of the place is Summit Business COnsultants, Inc. and its apparently totally a local operation (Pittsburgh PA), they dont even call themselves ____ ______ Collections or anything. Its odd. No, there's nothing on my credit profile about this, but I was hoping there are FDCA has provisions similar to the ones that allow FCRA slamdunks.

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