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Can I sue??

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This is my story. I viewed my credit report 3 times within the last year and have being nice about this for about as long.

1. I have one collection agency (Sherman Acquisition) that has reentered a dispute entry on my credit report after I disputed it with the CRA and had them remove it. An Computer City account that I never had. They were bought out by CompUSA. Account according to them was open 8/98 (last date of activity 4/99). I still have the deletion letter and will send out tomorrow a letter about not notifiying me about the reentry. I sent a letter validation letter before to Sherman on Sep 10, 2002 and a dispute to the CRA and thats how I got it removed the first time. They HAVE scence sold the account according to the letter that I have to Receivables Management Solutions. There is no entry from RMS But Sherman relisted it under their name.

2. I have one collection agency (RMA) that has pulled my credit report a total of 15 times within the last year (Equifax and Experian so far, Transunion is on the way)According to them it was an old Sears account that the SOL has run out. RMA Were listed as hard and REA( I dont know what that is).

There is also some other little stuff not worth saying on here but are still annoying to say the least. Would it be a good idea to buy one of the e-books to sue? Any advice would be helpful.



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