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Providian Change in APR

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Lots of people have used providian to rebuild their credit. Unfortunately they have raised the APR's on lots of accounts. In my case, they didnt notify me of this change and have someone else handling the account for them.

As a good customer I am getting screwed with a 29.99 apr, I can borrow from a loanshark cheaper than this.....

I have never made a late payment and I manage my credit wisely since I had a period of unemployment in the past which caused a big mess in the first place.

What I am suggesting from everyone who is in the same position as myself (didnt't get notified of the rate increase), contact the Office of the Comptoller of Currency.

This is the agency which regulates banks. I have already filed a complaint, and with many more complaints about this type of practice I hope our voices will be heard and they pay one big fine for their negligence, and hopefully the apr's will go back to normal.

You can write to them at:

Customer Assistance Group

1301 McKinney Street

Suite 3710

Houston, TX 77010

or Fax - Faxing to - 1-713-336-4301

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Excellent advice and thanks for the address. Fortunately, I'm lucky and they have not raised mine but I've heard many people that this has happened to. Hopefully you all will file complaints because that's the only way we'll even get any changes in this fu**** up industry....

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