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"closed at credit grantor's request"

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I had a "revolving" HFC mortgage account which was closed by HFC in

1992. It was "closed at credit grantor's request." It shows as paid as

agreed/closed account. Since it was a second mortgage (at a pretty

hefty interest rate) it took me until 10/2000 to pay it off. HFC refuses

to remove the remark "closed at credit grantor's request."

Does anyone have any suggestions? I would like to have them remove

this derogatory remark based on the the fact that it was over 10 years

ago that they actually "closed" the account.

HFC is reporting the same account under two numbers because they

"transferred the account to another branch."

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bump means someone is just posting a reply to bump it back at the top of the forum so more people can take a look at it.

If it has been 10 years since the account has been closed or active it should be deleted from your report. Just send a letter to the CRA's letting them know that by law everything on your credit report that is older than 7 years and no longer active can should be removed.

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Derogatory notations can only appear for seven years. The tradeline itself can continue to appear for ten years since you paid it off and from the date you paid it off so long as it is a positive tradeline. If it is a negative tradeline then seven years is the time limit. You should be able to get this removed.

Have you sent a dispute to the CRAs informing them of the error? Do you have any proof to back up your claim? You can also write a letter to the OC and explain that they can no longer report that it was closed at their request.

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