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Waiting for new court house!

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Well, I was sued by Discover Bank for a debt that is actually not mine but ID theft and a fraud. Anyway, they sent their guys in to sue me last April and I hired a lawyer to handle it. He ran them around and filed several motions that stopped them in their tracks. Fraudulent credit card application, etc.

Now, we have a new civil and small claims judge and the county is renovating the courthouse. If it is like they repair the roads it will be long past the SOL on this until the case actually goes before the judge again. Anyway, I have documented proof that the account was opened by someone who lived in my old neighborhood and other documents proving I could not have opened the account or used it. The only problem is I will have to wait to sue them for that million bucks I told my lawyer to file against the CA lawyer and Discover.

Such is life. Such is life. An old saying: Swami Prabhavananda said: "It is worth the struggle. If you practice a few days, or a few months, or a few years, and still you seem to be getting nowhere, do not lose heart. Stick to it"

:p:D :D

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