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Getting name of person to serve at Debt Collector

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I've had a nightmare time with a scumbag debt collector called Valley Credit Services in Hagerstown, Maryland. To make a long story short, they admit they screwed up (and reported me without validation) on the phone, then told me they would have the listing removed. Fine, except that it "magically" reappeared on my Transunion file and now I want to sue them. D.C. (where I live) small claims court allows you to recover up to $5000 -- and I've got some claims that will allow me to seek that much. But when I call the company they won't tell me who at the company is able to accept service (they won't give me any names of anybody at the company -- these people are nasty) and when I call the number at the Maryland Commissioner of Consumer Credit, I never get an answer. Any thoughts on how to get this info? I guess I could serve on unknown parties, but I'm not even sure the address is right (since the President listed on the same place I got the address has apparently left the company). The only thing they ever sent me (the first and only demand letter) no longer has their address (I sent the rest of the letter back with notice of validation).

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Update: finally reached Maryland corporate registration line and got a name. So I call the debt collector to talk to the guy, and they claim he left the company (although first person I talked to said he was not available). The company still refuses to tell me anything about who is authorized to accept service, etc. Plus this company steadfastly refuses to send anything to any consumer, ever. All I want is a letter stating that the initial report was wrong. TWO SENTENCES. They refuse. Not by fax or mail. Weird! Has anyone ever heard of such an unreasonable and bizarre policy. Basically the woman told me that they never, ever send anything (except standard collection notice) to debtors.

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Have you checked the Maryland Secretary of State website?

Usually you can find the Agent for Service there.

You don't always need a name to serve someone. When I sued EQ, I used their Agent for Service in Sacramento, CA and it was just a business address, no name.

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Call to verify all info

Valley Credit Services, Inc.

12907 Oak Hill Drive

Hagerstown, MD 21742-2912

United States Tel: 1-301-797-6300

Fax: 1-301-797-9041

(Current): Paul E. Hartman



Resident Agent (Current): PAUL E. HARTMAN




Good Standing: Yes

Business Code: Ordinary Business - Stock

Date of Formation or Registration: 09/04/1969

State of Formation: VA

Stock/Nonstock: Stock

Close/Not Close: Unknown

I would think if you sent a copy of your suit to the addys above, they will be accepted.

"I will not surrender"

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Batboy -- thanks! That's the info I got from MD Sec of State by phone -- but it's great to have it verified online. Where did you get the info online? I'm thinking of just including the link in my Certificate of Service I include with the Complaint.

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