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THIS MEANS WAR !!!!!!!!!!

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I faxed an intent to file complaints w/ FTC, and AG on Friday (because CSC didn't do my disputes from 12/13) to Ms. Jezek, the complaint manager at CSC. When I logged on this afternoon, I had 9 new alerts on my privista credit watch. THEY DELETED ALL 9 OF MY GOOD ACCOUNTS!

I think I'm going to serve Ms. Jezek tomorrow!

Anyone else have this problem!

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<blockquote>Originally posted by georgiaboy

KB9TBQ,, take note, this is the type of people that your always defending and asking folks to play by the rules with.

That just sucks Demoncaster.


UNBELIVABLE- see it's not worth it playing "by the rules". Especially with EQ/CSC, they are anti-christ personified. Just ask ANYONE who's filed against them. They freeze your files so that neither you nor creditors can view them. And they're doing it to get you back- there's no doubt in my mind.

KB9TBQ-take note that this is why I ALWAYS tell people to start out as "not mine" because you'll need all the dispute chances you can get.

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:mad: Right when I walked in the door, I called Ms. Jezek. She did call me right back and pretended not to know what was going on, and when I asked her if she got my letter I sent on Friday, she said no. I gave her the #, and she said at that fax #, that letter would take a couple of days to get to her through departmental mail, and offered me her personal fax #. But I'm still not ruling her out as the culprit!

I think I should just serve both CSC and EQ tomorrow. I'M SO MAD GUYS!!!!!

Anyone else had this problem?

Oh, NOW what do you think KB9TBQ?????

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This one I might be able to help with, CSC is in our territory and I have a contact that direction. E-mail me & I will get you a name & number tomorrow.

Just send a brief description as to what led up to this mess, see what can be done.

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