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Help me with the sharks, please!

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I have an 18 year old judgement (expires 2yrs). When I recently sold a property, I tried to clear it up. The original judgement was $4,800. With interest the creditor's lawyer wanted $32,000.

I hired an attorney but the creditor's lawyer went behind my attorney's back and negotiated with the title company. The title company represented that they have an agreement that they negotiated a total release for $12,000. A check was cut at closing. 6 weeks after closing, I got a PARTIAL release.

The title company refuses to put it on their errors and omission insurance and my lawyer just sucked another $1800 and did nothing but send 2 letters and wants to know if I want to pay her more to initiate suit.

My plans are to 1) dispute it with the credit bureau 2) Contact the creditor bank and let them know what their hired collector attorney did .

Any suggestions/comments would be so appreciated. My credit is perfect except for this judgement(which I didn't even know existed until the sale of my home). Thanks

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