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Punishement for filing a lawsuit

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Does anyone know if this is legal procedure by a CRA? I recently filed a lawsuit against Trans Union for not using evidence in investigating a fraudulent account (they did not forward the evidence to the creditor to be considered).

Their lawyer called me and told me the account had been deleted and notified me that 3 other accounts were reinserted due to the lawsuit. He stated anytime there is a lawsuit, there procedure is to verify previous disputes and these 3 were deleted because no one responded.

He stated that the 3 creditor replied to their request for verification.

Doesn’t this sound like I’m being punished for filing a lawsuit.

The lawyer is sending my updated report over night to avoid violating the 5 day notice. He even had the nerve to ask me if I had a fax so he could send it. Do I look like punk! I said no, I don’t own a fax.

Can they reinvestigate previous accounts because of a lawsuit? The lawsuit had nothing to do with the three accounts.

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Well, I challenged this so called procedure and instructed their lawyer that I would proceed with the lawsuit due July 19, 2002 if the 3 accounts reinserted are not removed. Trans Union removed the 3 reinserted accounts and I will terminate legal action upon receiving official verification.

I’m still not sure about this procedure to verify previous disputes if a lawsuit is filed. I’ll have to look into this a little more. At least my goal was accomplished.

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