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Retribution is sweet

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After everyone, including my lawyer and Admin herein, told me to just hang up on Collect America when they harassed me I followed their advice. It was beginning to be fun tricking those idiots however. The last time I admonished the poor guy for wasting all his grammar school graduation on becoming a loan shark. They stopped calling.

Anyway, I received a letter from First Union clearing off my credit record (all three credit bureaus) and the bogus debt that was been on the books for 20 years. The account was closed in 1982, the bank went Chapter 7 in 1991 and First Union bought their accounts. The account was closed, I had the statement, but it just stuck.

The after a few more buyouts, MBNA got the account. MBNA hired Collect America, the foul smelling fumes of all collection agencies, to get me to pay up for alleged charges on credit card for airline tickets back in 1982. After three letters to them explaining that I never needed to buy tickets since I worked for an airline at the time, and a debt validation and then the threat of suit, they stopped with the collection.

So, now all is left is to determine how much to sue them for :) Anyway suggestions?

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Thanks, I will discuss it with my lawyer, but he is busy with the other case against me with Discover Card. Since they really have no proof I had the account, no agreement, no nothing, it will be a cakewalk I hope. One never knows. I received a letter cc'd to me from him that the judge sent that the original creditor did not show up for neither deposition nor send discovery. I am hoping that means the case will be ruled in my favor or the judge will just dismiss it. In any case the CA will hear from us.

Then I have Sears to contend with from the same CA. Well, they haven't sent the judge the stuff either! Maybe I can get by these bogus charges. I am too old to put up with this stuff, especially when it isn't my doings.

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