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Time again to file a lawsuit

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I think its time again to visit the court house .

Im thinking of suing Transunion.

There is a paid collection my report that i've disputed for many many months and it come back verfied. But i've send a valadaiton letter to the collection agency and the letter came back as undeliveralbe un able to forward the address i'm using was provided to me by T.u.

I've written to Tu several times that i'm unable to get any info from the collection agency as my letters keep coming back to me i've even sent a copy of the enevolpe to tu where the post office has the stamp unablive to forward along with a notirzed letter fromthe post office stating that it is undelveralbe...

So i think i'm going to sue Tu what do you all think/

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TU should provide the furnisher's that report the information at the end of the report. If that's the one that's bad, then you'll have to call them and they will have to disclose the info to you.

If TU has the bad info as well, then you DEMAND that they remove it since it's impossible for them to verify it as well because of the bad address and you have proof of that.

You're power here is under FCRA sections 611 and 623 for your demands and the suit if you have a good case. It'd be advisable for you to read up on it.

Current as of January 7, 2002:



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