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In Jan 2000 I bought a computer from Best Buy with a 12 month free interest period. In Dec I contacted Best Buy and informed them I was doing a debt consolidation and would pay off the entire balance ($943.89) via balance transfer to Discover but it may not transact for a couple months. Best Buy verbally granted a 120 day extension (May 2001) to the 12 month interest free period (Nope, didn't think to get it in writing). On April 17th, 2001 the balance was paid via the balance transfer according to my Discover bill. I did not receive another bill from Best Buy since the account had been paid in full prior to the lapse of the extension. In Nov 2001 I received a phone call from "someone" requesting payment of approx $700.00. I requested they check my Best Buy account where it clearly indicates the account was paid. They stated the account shows interest fees from Jan 2001 compounded monthly. I informed them of the extension, they said they'd ck into it and get back to me if there was a problem. I didn't hear anything from anyone until Feb 2003 (over a year later) when Protocol Recovery Services (PRS)contacted me saying I owed Best Buy/HRS/Sherman Acquisitions over $900.00! I pulled a credit report from TransUnion and sure enough, there is a collection due from Sherman Acquisition and another one from PRS. I've sent PRS a cease contact letter and contacted Best Buy who said there's nothing in my record regarding an extension of the interest free period and that I owe the money. They advised me to contact Sherman Acquisitions. I can't get in touch with Sherman Acquisitions. Any hints, advice, help???? This whole situation stems from the fact I don't have written proof of the interest period extension!

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