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Looks like I get to go to Court again

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Well I had a Tmobile bill that I owed. I TRIED several times to pay Tmobile over the phone(check by phone) and was unable to. They kept telling me that my bank wasnt in the system and thr routing numbers were wrong yada yada.

This was back at tax refund time and with me working all the time I honestly just never could get to a local store and I forgot.((I Had ADD so sue me))

Got a call from Diversified Consults, and made a payment arrangement with them. I owed the thing and it aint on my CR and I didnt want it to get there.

Anyway I postdated check for 300 for April 3. Told the guy that if something came up and I wasnt able to pay I would call at least 2 days before to cancel and set up different arrangements.

Called them on March 30 and my "rep" wasnt in. I proceeded to ask for a supervisor So I could get the matter taken care of, no one would help me so I had to wait.

On April 1, I got ahold of my rep and told her that they check was no good, and that the account was in the negative ((it was by a couple bucks)) and that they were NOT to send the check through.

Well they did. So now I have them on FDCPA violation and possible more since i told them in no uncertain terms that the check was no good and do not deposit it.

I am going to call the bank and see whst they can do about it and then I am going to call our local prosecuter.

Any ideas or such from you guys is welcome.

(and before ya'll say anything..I know I was wrong to do the postdated check but I DID think I was going to have the money and I DID owe it))

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