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Can they call me at work?

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HI all..seems I am posting all over the boards today.... :D

About two months ago I walked into work and a co-worker told me that "BLAH BLAH" called and left her number. So, like a good little girl, I called back and low and behold it was our local credit agency........I just hung the phone up and asked "Debbie" if she would be a witness for me....and she said sure. Is it too late for me to file a small claims suit? I have the witness just not the date they called. They know better than to call me at work. And, I also know that it wasn't regarding just one account that they have but many....so would I get money for each account that they have??

Thanks for all the other help that you all have given me.

Debbie :ooh: :ooh: :ooh:

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Had you notified them in writing as to not call you at work? If not, you need to. If you did it verbally, they should honor it, but, not sure if they have to. Keep your witnesses handy until they get it in writing. Also, write down everything about the calls. As to the one you mentioned, write down the month, etc. so it will stay in your mind. Besides, you might be able to remember later.

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