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I have a judgement from CITIBANK (actually they assigned it

to a collection agency and then the had a lawyer sue me)

I called CITIBANK to try to "VACATE THE JUDGEMENT" they said they had no record of the Judgement and sent me a settlement letter.

I talked to my lawyer and he told me that I had a case to win a settlement against them but the statute of limitations has run out.

My question is:

If Citibank accepts a payment are they nullifing the judgement? Are these grounds to open up the case once more!!

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Are you saying that they took a judgment out against you; then lost all records of having this filed?

If that is the case you can go to the court house and get a copy of the judgment; forward it to them and demande that they take care of the matter to get it off of your credit report.

That is the simple cut method; if you are looking for legally making them suffer for this; then others can point out alternate route to go.

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