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INQUIRIES, I want to take 'em to court

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I'm in the process of rebuilding my credit.

I was told by a loan officer that it is Illegal to discourge someone from trying to apply for a loan/credit.

I have an interesting scenario:

I want to get a secured credit card. I knew that ther was some

deragetories (sp.) on my credit report and told the loan manager that I would like to personally go to their bank and apply for the card since I had a copy of all 3 of my reports.

I insisted that I have her take a look at my report since I didn't want to have too many inquires. I told her that I'm applying for a loan. She said, well I have to look at your report. She then counter insisted if you want to call it that and said it would save me a trip if I just applied over the phone.

Now, I feel that I was discouraged from appying for credit and or protecting my credit history.

Can I sue if they don't want to remove the inquiry. I feel I was tricked into disclosing my SS# over the phone, and not made aware of my rights, and their underwriting policy.

... By the way, I was wondering, even though it is at the creditors discreation who they give credit to. Do they have to have their underwriting ( or on what grounds they deny credit posted or in writing). The creditor in the above case said that

their bank doesn't grant credit to people even with 1 deragatory. That sounds unbelievable. Anyhow, I feel they broke some kind of rule.

... If anybody can consel me on some defense to dispute this inquiry I would appreciate it.

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