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Illegal addition to CA account?

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A CA just contacted my bf last week about a debt I know was his exwifes (I have a copy of the letter they sent her cause she was trying to get him to pay it, the nerve). I told him to tell them to send him a letter. They did I got it today and have written up a debt validation stating that this is a debt incurred by his exwife after there divorce. I sent them copies of his notice and her notice and mentioned the fact that the last 6 digits of the account numbers are exactly the same.

My question is can I get her back? I'm really pissed about this. Indiana is a one party consent state..can I have him call her and get her to admit to giving the CA his contact information and telling them to come after him, and record it? can I sue her in small claims, or is what she did legally acceptable?


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