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Experian Credit Report

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I just received a copy of my Experian Credit Report, and I don't see a 'date of last activity' on here anywhere.

Isn't that a relevant thing for them to list? The only thing that it shows is the 'date opened', '(date)reported since', 'date of status', and 'last reported'.

Can anyone clarify which dates I need to pay attention to most when trying to validate these accounts?

I don't see any explanation listed anywhere.


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Equifax is good about listing the date of last activity. Use all three of your reports to get a solid date to use when disputing. Experian only tells you how long the account will remain. Credit reports are made to assist Creditors and not the consumer. If you open up a new card, it will appear in as little as two weeks. If you pay off that same card, it will take up to 45 days for it to be updated.

Use all three reports to gain the correct information or at least get a good idea of the dates you need.

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