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contacted by law firm

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<blockquote>Originally posted by fixmycredit

I was personally contacted by a law firm who wants to bring

suit against experian and other creditors. They agreed

to take it on a contingency basis . Any one have any thoughts?


Heck yea- give them my number.....

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I sent them a letter detailing my experiences. I have had

clear violations of the FCRA. The law firm first told me

200 an hour. After they veviewed my case, they concluded that

there were enough dollars in it for them to take it on a

contingency basis 33% cut; which is average. I was very

surprised when a directing attorney called me in person.

The key is damages ; if you can show them ; they will welcome

you with welcome arms and you wont have to pay by the hour.

My only concern is that it will get drawn out too long. I just

want my credit on experian restored. Be nice to make a few

bucks off experian though. ;)

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