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Well, I called the corporate/legal offices of this cable company, inquiring about the registered agent to accept process for a lawsuit and to find out if they are incorporated and which entity I would need to include on the defendant portion of my suit. I spoke to a lady in the legal department and she wanted to know what I was trying to do. I went ahead and explained it to her. She seemed to be very understanding when I told her that in exchange for reporting such a blatant error, that I would accept them taking it off of my credit completely, with the terms of that I stated below. She said, I understand, it would just be erased. She wants me to send her my intent to sue letter, giving her the information of who I spoke with and all of the attempts to have this corrected and she would see what she could do.

What do you think? Think this is a good start?

Next question: My fiance has a voluntary surrender from several years ago on his credit (not including something from some Ugly duckling that isn't even his) from GMAC. They are reporting $6500.00 remaining balance on this thing, when it's only $1200.00. Can this same strategy be used to get that one completely deleted, as well? He's calling them today to get a copy of the post sale letter faxed to him. That will show the amount that's owed. At that time, we will contact them and show them proof of their error that has been reported for many years now. Hopefully we can get it just taken off as well.

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The thing is.. you have already shown that they were reporting it wrong and the attorneys refused to correct it.

See what happens with this lady. Give them 15 days after you fax them an intent to sue letter and also CMRR it. If they dont respond at all sue them again. make sure you keep copies of the credit reports where it is wrong.

they will prolly want to settle out of court.. at least make sure the 200 gets written off and maybe get 200 for your trouble

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Well, here's an update:

After much griping at this company - I sat for a bit to see if they were going to do the right thing. Obviously, they changed the amount, but are still reporting an erroneous amount. Not by a lot, but still wrong, nonetheless. I disputed it wiht the CRAs online and the company verified it - with the wrong amount! They are also reporting the prior balance to be the amount they erroneously reported to begin with. I have NEVER owed that company $1000.00, or anywhere close to that amount.

So now I'm pissed. I contacted the legal department of this company again and spoke to the lady. I went ahead and faxed over the letter, explaining their screw ups, along with the laws stating that they can only report 100% accurate information. I told them that I was fed up with them and now I have them for 6 violations. That's 2 violations with each of the 3 CRAs.

I told them that at this time I would take a complete deletion off of my credit, and $1,000.00 for my aggravation. Otherwise, on Friday I would be filing a small claims suit and asking for the maximum of $5,000 that I can ask for in our small claims court.

What do you think? If they counter with a deletion and no money, should I push it? I have had to make numerous calls trying to get this fixed, alerted them to the error, and even tried to dispute and they come back and verify a known erroneous amount. I think I deserve something for my trouble.

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