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Colorado Capital Investments

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Has anyone had any dealings with this CA? It is based in TX. This CA has two default judgments against me and I was wondering whether I can get them vacated? The CA was assigned by Citibank. The judgments were for approximately $4000 and $6000 respectively. On the first judgment entered in 11/2002, I asked for validation in 7/2002 (certified w/return receipt on 7/18) with no response. It was already filed in court by June but as you can see they proceeded with the case AFTER I asked for validation. I don't remember having this account with Citibank. The second judgment (entered 12/2002) I guess was justified because I was in payment arrangements with CA and was laid-off from my job. I informed CA by certified letter w/return receipt in 9/2002 but the CA went ahead with a judgment and my bank accounts were frozen in 1/2003 and 2/2003. I filed for an Order to Show Cause and was told by the County Clerk to call before coming to pick up the paperwork. What a joke! The number the office gave me was busy for days. When I finally got through the court date was that very day! When I called the courtroom, the clerk told me not to bother showing up because I didn't serve the CA so the case would have been dismissed anyway. Is it too late to file another Order? How long do I have to vacate a judgment? I'm in NYC. Can I file a counter-suit against the CA on the $4000 judgment because they proceeded anyway without validating and now both judgments is on two of my credit reports (EX and TU not EQ)? Can the $6000 be vacated since I already was paying and had to discontinue payments because I became unemployed? What are my defenses in vacating both judgments? Thanks for all your help. I always get great advice here!

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