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Wht is considered a good score for someone who want to apply for american express card as well a citibank card.

My score, using privacyguard's ballpark figure is 645. One of the factors affecting my score was a long distance card that I had from Sprint and MCI where they wanted to bill for long distance calls I never made. I tried to revolved it with them...it never went anywhere.

That was over seven years ago, but now a company call Sherman Acquisition purchased that account from them and is reporting it past the 7 year statute. what can I do about these guys?

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First off, I would dispute the account with the CRA's. What are they showing as the DOLA? From what I have heard about Sherman, they may have re-aged the account.

Also, you cannot go by the PG number. My pg number is lower than my EQ fico but on DH's report his pg score is actually higher than his fico score. I have read that there can be a variance of 50-100 points either way from pg to actual fico. At 1 point my EQ fico was 667 but my pg fako was only 602.


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