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Kind of Confused about filing suit :(

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Should I be? Let me tell you my story. I have 4 student loans posted on my credit bureau. They have never been in default, but were 150 days past due at one time. They are reporting to Trans Union that I was 60 days in 6/1999 and 120 days in 11/1999, and 3 times over 90 days. I was indeed behind on my student loans, but not on the dates they report. BUT I got a forebearance, and everything was made current, EXCEPT with the CRA's. (Sounds sneaky, huh?) The information they have provided to TransUnion is inaccurate. However, I'm not sure if it is TransUnion that is posting the mistake or Sallie Mae. Sallie Mae stated they did not report me in November or June. So I am completely confused. I have had TransUnion to investigate the Loans, and nothing was changed. I have aruged w/Sallie Mae, wrote tons of letters and they claim they have not reported me inaccurately. Should I file suit against Sallie Mae and TransUnion, or should I continue to dispute? I am completely exhausted with Sallie Mae, and I want this removed because it has been inaccurate since 1999.



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I continue to have problems with Sallie Mae

reporting right, they send me meaningless letters everytime I write to them such as

"We have received your dispute and have corrected the error, please allow 60 days

for the corrected information to appear on

your report" And each time I check it's the

same old wrong info that I disputed and Equifax says they investigated and found

it to be correct, usually within 7 days

of my dispute. I wish I could be of help

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