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sherman accquistions

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Sherman acquisitions is insisting on continuing to report something on my

Experian report although it has been removed from all the other bureaus.

I've contacted the better business bureau, and sent 3 letters of validation

and have only recieved a photocopied response sent to the BBB stating that

their parent company The Northland Group would remove. Upon contacting

the Northland group they stated that they were no longer collecting for

Sherman Acquisitons. What is weird is that Sherman Acquistions is a

collection agency which was using another collection agency to collect for


There are no northland group trade lines on my report but the sherman

acqusition was reconfirmed today and remainson my Experian report. I'm

livid with them and don't know what my next step should be.


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Send an ITS to Sherman giving them 48 hours to respond.

Followup with a copy of the lawsuit paperwork and see what happens.

If all else fails you can go through with the suit.

My bout with Sherman started with OSI.

I disputed with CRA - poof! Sherman showed up as taking over the debt. Disputed with CRA and faxed an intent to sue to Sherman - poof!

So far, it's still gone from my report.

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