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I finally got Sallie Mae to admit they are wrong!!!

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I will tell my story again so that everyone can follow. ....Sallie Mae had reported to Trans Union that I was 120 days in 11/99 and 90+ days in 6/1999. That was incorrect. I was 30 days in 6/1999, and current in 11/1999. BUT in 10/1999 I was 120 days. I submitted a forbearance on 10/12/1999, and my account was brought current. I disputed never late w/Trans Union, since I had never been in default....The loans have always been in deferral or forebearance. However, if you get behind on the loan before you get another forebearance in to them, they will report you to the CRA's and not delete it once the account is current. My point is they have reported inaccurate information to the CRA since 1999, which is defermation of character, and financial injury. A supervisor in Florida called me yesterday and told me whe would work on my accout. She called me back today, and I allowed her to leave me a message about the corrections so that I would have it for my records. She stated she requested a correction on my account for 6/1999 and 11/1999. My question is.....NOW, can I send them a letter and demand payment for defermation of character and financial injury, or should I file suit, or what should I do????? I really don't care for any $$$, but want it deleted with the CRA's. What do you think? I certianly would appreciate any help.



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