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can I still sue?

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I had a nightmare experience with a CA-Monterey Collections-in 8/00. (I wish I had known my rights then!) The collector made several threats to garnish our wages, he contacted my father-in-law and told him about our account, made many many harassing phone calls (and I mean harassing! He would yell at me,(he even called me a bi*@#! I'd hang up-and he would continue to call back again, and again.) He had me in tears. This went on for about a week, and finally my husband called him and practicaly threatened his life if he ever contacted me again. He suddenly became professional when taling to my husband, (of course) and we settled the debt in full.

I know the SOL for suing CA is 2 years, but they have my account listed as follows:

Opened 8/02

Reported 8/00

DLA 8/00

Pd acct/ was a collection acct.

Do I have anything based on open date? Can I at least get it removed from my report based on that fact? Thanks

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