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Need SHERMAN ACQ "client of service," who to sue i

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Anyone have the "client of service" info for Sherman Acquisitions?

I've been writing with Alegis (who handles all disputes)... where do I send papers? Sherman, (Alegis - the subsid that screwing with me) or their parent company?

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You serve their registered agent in your state. Your Sec. of State's office will have that info.

I'd sue Alegis if that's who you've dealt with exclusively. Who is the entry on your credit report?

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Contacted my Attorney General and this is all they gave me (what do I do with this?):


Also, "Sherman Acq." is listed on my report. But "Alegis" is Sherman's "unsecured recovery division" (the people trying to get the money)... they prefer that all communications go through Alegis. Here's the coporate structure listed on their website www.shermfin.com


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registerd agent


Type AGT REGISTERED AGENT Start Date 09-23-1999 Resign Date

Of Record 003292-27


388 STATE ST STE 420

SALEM OR 97301 3581 Country


I used to hate the internet, but isn't it wonderful wwhat you can find. I wish Texas would put registered agents and bond info for CA's online. Hope this helps you. I just got letter from Alegis yesterday, they admit account is past SOL but they will continue reporting to CRA as "open collection" for 7 years from delinquency. Good luck.

more info


Alegis is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sherman Financial Group LLC and a member of American Collectors Association (ACA). To ensure client protection, we embrace the spirit and scope of the ACA's Code of Ethics and Code of Operations. Additionally, Alegis carries statutory bonding and professional liability coverage, and is licensed throughout the U.S.

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Thanks for the info...

I did find that site before, I had been searching for SHERMAN FINANCIAL with no success... didn't think to try Alegis.

Since Sherman is listed on my CR, I'm assuming they're the only one I can sue. But All my letters to Sherman are responded to by Alegis, and Alegis is the one that's registered in my state. Can I list both in small claims?

I heard that because of state budget problems all small claims cases are halted, and they'll be backed up for months after they get the funds to operate again. I'm hoping to file and then Sherman will settle, otherwise I'd have to wait a year for a court date (and the tradeline comes off in November anyway... but I could still use a $1000)

Thanks for the help.

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