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Can I sue a counseling agency?

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Hello all!

Looks like I got the Scam scenarios 9/11 - I signed up with a Credit Counseling Agency CESI, who promised to negotiate on my behalf with the creditors to lower the interest rates and the monthly payments.

Well, they did not adjust the due date, neither did they work out an appropriate payment for one of the credit card accounts. Therefore, a year later, my balance on that card is DOUBLE!!!

I live in Mass. Can I sue them in small claims court, triple damages of the amount by which my balance has increased?

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Just got off the phone with the mentioned card bank.

They claim to have not accepted the Counseling Service's initial proposal for payment amount and sent them a counter-proposal, twice, to which the Counseling Service has not responded.

I can probably get the above in writing from the bank.

Does this provide more support for my case, if any?

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If you could *win easily*, then Ameridebt would be out of business. You can sue anyone, but winning is another matter. Usually these guys have a mighty bat to swing in the form of lots of money (pilfered from innocent people).

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