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auto loan??? fico 621?

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hey i want a honda but i don't want to pay a ton, anyone know about car loans? i have always had a beater... i have these positive trades:

student loan 34,000 (pays as agreed/defer)

credit card 250 (9 months pays as agreed)\

my negs are 3 medical bills...

i make decent money and live w/ my parents...


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I seen your posts, welcome.

We had a simular question addressed to the group about 2 weeks ago it's entertaining reading and it will answer your question:

... Read this, have fun,


You might have to go to top of the thread to start at the begining.

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I think I have a decent chance at winning a lawsuit againt as collection agency that has 2 accounts on my credit report. I have never filed a lawsuit before so I need some help. I have seen people talk about filing a small claims lawsuit as well as filing a Federal lawsuit. Besides the "obvious" what is the difference and how do I go about filing for either one?

Here is my story and any suggestions on if you think I should sue (and if I should do either small claims court or federal). I had never received any correspondace from this CA (it is possible that they sent it but I have moved recently so it could have gotten lost although I did file a change of address and have gotten other mail from the old address). Anyway, I recently pulled my report and noticed the 2 accounts. I wrote a letter notifying the CA that I did not know these accounts were going unpaid and offered to pay in full if they would remove from the CRAs. They responded claiming that was illegal and immoral etc. So, I sent a DV letter via Certified Mail. I really just wanted to get the items off my report so I sent another letter telling them that I too was attempting to track down the information to "double check" the forthcoming validation information they were required to send me and offering to forgoe the validation if they would just agree to remove the accounts from the CRAs but if they would not agree to this then I still expected the validation information. They responded with a letter basically stating they were preparing a lawsuit and the only way to get them to stop would be to pay them. I faxed and sent back a letter notifying them that they were in violation of the FDCPA and that if they continued, I would file a lawsuit. I once again made them a final offer to pay in full for removal from the CRAs. They then sent back another letter saying they had received my fax (but I assume the mailed version crossed in the mail) and that they were going to proceed with a lawsuit etc. and to cease and desist contacting their office. To this date theyhave never attempted to send any validation information (not even a lame account printout or anything). After they received the validation letter, I disputed the items with the CRAs and found out that at least for Transunion, they verified it. The full 30 days isn't actually up until May 30th but I don't expect to get any validation so I would like to start preparing everything to file a lawsuit.

I was going to try to just contact the OC and request they pull the account to just work directly with me. But the wierd thing is, I can not find any information for the OC. In all the correspondence and credit report information, it only refers to the OC as "Western Anesthesia". As I said, I cannot find any info for this company (searched both my state's and national BBB, local phonebook, search engines on the Internet. etc) so I don't know if they still exist or ever really existed.

Am I correct that I have at least 2 violations of the FDCPA.

- One violation because they contacted me in an attempt to collect (it even has those words at the bottom of the letter) before validating the debt

- One violation for verifying it with at least one of the CRAs before validating

I have already filed complaints against the CA with the BBB, State Attorney General, and the FTC. So, should I also sue and in which court (small claims or federal).



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