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Do I have a case (Experian's "supposed" verificati

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When I pulled my reports back in January I learned that I had a judgement on my CR from Chase, entered back in 1998. Two things came to mind -

1. I have had a Chase Banking account since 1996. If I had a judgement from them, they could have asserted their "right of set-off" and taken my funds pronto.

2. I opened my Chase Banking account on my 18th birthday. For me to have received a judgement, I would have had to open account right away (my birthday is late in the year), run up the bill quickly, and then wait for them to come and get me.

3. The most obvious clue is that I NEVER HAD A CHASE CC ACCOUNT! :)

The judgement was reported to Experian and Trans Union. TU deleted it on the first dispute. Experian claimed that it verified it and would not investigate again.

Once I received that response to my second dispute I was fuming! :eek:

I went to the court today and copied the judgement - low and behold my name was on it. I tried calling the lawyer listed and the number was disconnected. I then called Chase C/S and they bounced me to legal and then to an Account Specialist in the Recovery bureau. As soon as I told her my story and gave her the account number and SSN, she was able to confirm that the account was not mine. I have to fax them a request and some information tomorrow and the judgement will be removed in the next 30 days.

Clearly Experian did not verify this - if they would have passed along my name and SSN it would not have matched. Since they supposedly verified this once and refused to investigate on the second request, could I call this two violations and haul them into court? :)


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