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Recent Court Date

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I recently had a court date regarding two default judgments I discussed here previously. I would like some insights and/or thoughts on what transpired. The CA's attorney was very curt with me regarding vacating one of the judgments (approx. $6000) because I made payments on it and then stopped (due to unemployment) but the other judgment (approx. $3900) his client will provide proof that the debt is mine. The point is that I sent a validation letter to the client in July 2002 and the CA went ahead and got a default judgment against me in November 2002 without answering the letter I sent certified. The second default judgment was entered in December 2002 (the larger one). I told the attorney that all of my accounts (three) were restrained and two of them the funds were seized. He feigned ignorance, of course. But my trump card was that the funds captured were under the judgment that the debt wasn't verified. So when we got in front of the judge to discuss both cases, he proceeds to vehemently say that he didn't want the judgments vacated. The judge was sympathetic toward me since I stated that I wanted to resume payments. Then I dropped the bomb - I told the judge that funds were seized and that they were seized under the other judgment that wasn't verified. The CA's attorney changed his whole tune then. He became so nice and the judge said "would you two like to go and discuss this matter further?". Then the attorney goes and calls his office and 'miraculously' the funds were received. So he said that if the CA proves the debt is mine then the money received will be the settlement and on the other judgment, I can just resume payments and all restraining notices will be removed. A court date was set for July 23rd but he said that he prefers to work it out outside of court and that we probably won't have to show up in court that day. I think he's trying to trick me in to not showing up so that the CA can get another default against me. Why I believe that is that the attorney said that hopefully all matters should be worked out within a week's time. Tomorrow (6/4) will make a week and I haven't heard anything from their offices. Any opinions/thoughts/advice? Anything will be greatly appreciated.

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