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Can I sue experian and collection agent

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In my case, I found there is a fraudulent account on my credit report while I am in mortage load process. I submitted dispute to all three credit report bureaus 30 days ago, Transunion, Equifax removed this record in 2 weeks but Experian decide to put this negative record on my credit report. Can I sue the Experian credit report bureaus and collection agent? Where to find the laywer who is expert on this kind of case?

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I tried to call CA and Experian thousand times, but they just throw the ball to each other. Experian claim CA want to keep the negative record remain on my file, but CA said they are under investigation still and have no right to decide my credit score, it is Experian's business. I have no idea where this fraudulent account came from and never receive any collection notice from CA, it just shown on my credit report suddendly. I have filed police report and sent to CA 30 days ago, but CA hasn't resolve it yet. I am tired to deal with them, so I want to file a lawsuit to against them.

Thanks for response :)

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I heard you need to have monetary damages in order to file claim.

Could the delay of loan process, loan cancellation, higher point, rate...

be monetary damages?

Could the small claim court accept the case if I claim

the civil penalty $2500 under The federal Fair Credit

Reporting Act (FCRA) as monetary damages.

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